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Studio Re-Opening Update!

Hello dear community,

On March 15th I sent out an email that broke my heart. Today I am so happy to send this one out letting you know we will reopen June 1st! Although we are able to open May 19th, I feel like I would like to see how the first week or so goes before taking the leap as there are many recommendations that need to be followed to keep us all safe.
Here are some of the changes that are required:

  • All classes are reservation only due to reduced class size, reservations will close one hour before the class starts
  • In order to ensure proper cleaning between classes we will be temporarily offering a limited schedule - click the Schedule button below to view
  • We are limited to 6 mats in the studio. The floor will be clearly marked allowing for 6ft social distance 
  • We are unable to provide studio mats safely, so if you do not have your own mat, you are able to purchase one of the studio mats for $15 or I can place an order to Halfmoon for new ones. Take a look at their website and let me know what you wish
  • We are unable to supply blankets, so please bring one from home. I do have 2 new ones at the studio for purchase or they can be ordered from Halfmoon as well. I won't be selling the studio blankets because I hope at some point we can use them again  
  • Please bring a towel large enough to cover the bolster if using one in class. 
  • We are unable to provide the eye pillows, you can again order from Halfmoon or purchase our existing ones
  • Tea and water will not be provided, please bring a water bottle
  • The studio will open 15 minutes before class and waiting in the hall is not an option due to social distancing. 
  •  The little tea room will remain closed as the size prohibits distancing. Any valuables can be brought into the yoga studio.

I know it sounds like a lot of rules, but this is the way we need to do it to ensure everyone's safety. The teachers are so excited to see you all. We will sort out the passes as we go, as monthly passes were suspended so will need to reactivated on your first class back. We also have a new price list - we have had to make some increases but monthly passes remain the same. We are currently fine-tuning the June schedule and will have it posted within the week.

We look forward to welcoming you back June 1st, in the meantime our online classes will continue on our Facebook group. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Our Mission

To provide a safe, nurturing and cozy environment to connect with your true self and find peace. We want to be your home for Yoga in Port Coquitlam.



Our Port Coquitlam studio offers several styles of Yoga including:

- Hatha

- Yin/Yang

- Flow

- Restorative

- Kundalini


Sound Healing

A unique, comfortable experience, centered around the healing power of sound, featuring several gongs and alchemy crystal singing bowls.