Online Class Waiver

AGREEMENT - The participant’s signature below confirms that they read this agreement, understood it, and agree to it.

The opinions, services and instruction being offered to me by Sachpreet Kaur/Bonnie Starcevich/ Sadhana Yoga and Sound other instructors at her request, are NOT medical advice, consultation, Therapy or treatment, nor does it include any other medical, mental, physical or spiritual diagnosis. I understand that the educational services and instruction provided by the instructors are not intended to be in place of or in lieu of any medical advice or treatment that I may require for any cause whatsoever, now or in the future.

No representations or statements that have been made to me in regards to the services or instruction that may be provided and NO GUARANTEE has been made to me in regards to expected results or a cure of any kind or for any medical condition, nor are any of the instructors considered or trained as such therapists.

It is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in the individual / group classes / workshops offered. I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and have no medical or mental condition which would prevent my full participation in classes, workshops, or instruction.

Yoga requires physical exertion which may be strenuous and I specifically agree that Sachpreet Kaur/Bonnie Starcevich, Sadhana Yoga and Sound , all instructors, and any or all subordinate or affiliated people or organizations shall not be liable for any claim, demand, cause of any action of any kind, whatsoever for, on account of death, personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind resulting from or related to participant’s use of the facilities or participation in any sport, exercise, yoga, or activity within or without the facility premises.

Engagement in any and all physical movement, exercises, or yoga is done at my own risk. I assume all risk and full responsibility of injury, illness, damage or loss to my person or property that might result.

I understand that my behavior in class must be appropriate, otherwise I may be asked to leave with no refund issued.

I, my heirs or legal representatives forever agree to release and discharge all instructors, employees, officers and agents of Sachpreet Kaur/Bonnie Starcevich, Sadhana Yoga and Sound and their assigns from any and all claims or causes of action known or unknown arising out of any act or negligence arising from my participation in their courses. I acknowledge that I have read this AGREEMENT and fully understand its contents.

Acknowledgement of Waiver

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