About Us

Bonnie (Sachpreet Kaur) - Owner/Instructor


Bonnie discovered Kundalini Yoga later in life which complimented her practice of Hatha. Her wish is to inspire students through the practice of Kundalini Yoga ,  to connect with their own personal wisdom, healing abilities and expansive potential. Bonnie completed her teachings of Kundalini at Yoga West in Vancouver, and will complete her last level 2 module in 2020.  Bonnie has 500 hours of teacher training and is certified Superhealth (yoga for addictions instructor). She follows the teachings of Yogi Bhajan of health and happiness to empower one’s consciousness. 

Bonnie is a Gongmaster and  has trained with Mehtab Benton and Don Conreaux to learn to play the Gong  and other sound healing instruments including crystal tone bowls. Gong is played in all Kundalini classes.

Pia - Instructor


 One day I decided to try out this funky thing called Yoga. Stepping out of my first class, it felt like I had hit the reset button. I felt brand new!
Ever since I’ve been practicing yoga and it has transformed my life in so many ways.

After a challenging time, I watched a You~Tube video of “Blissology “, and instantly felt “This is what I need and want to feel” ~ Love & Connection through Yoga. I went to Bali and completed the “Blissology Yoga Teacher Training” with Eoin Finn.

During my training I created my life mission: “To Ignite The Love In All Beings Through Yoga”. For myself, Yoga is about connecting to that special place inside through movement and stillness to share my hearts deepest messages with the world.

Joanna - Instructor


Joanna is a 500hr Yoga Alliance registered teacher. She completed her trainings and is a Global Ambassador with Yogacara Global. The 200hr Hatha and Vinyasa training was in Whistler in March 2015 and an additional 300hr in Bali in April 2017. She also completed a 50hr Yin Yoga certification with Bernie Clark at Semperviva in May 2016.   Joanna's classes are inclusive and cultivate first and foremost a space for grounding. She strives to establish a sense of balance in the body through the concept of sthira and sukha, strength and ease. Her practice and teaching is slow and mindful, giving time to curiously learn from the body and the breath in each pose and transition. The creation of such a space gives the student the opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of their own bodies and to recognize that they truly are their own best teacher and guide as they start to listen inwards.​ She is passionate to share what she is learning on her own yoga journey and truly believes in the ripple affect that time spent on our mat creates outwards.  

Shelley - Instructor


 Shelly trained at one of Vancouver’s oldest and most well respected Yoga studios, Semperviva. There she was introduced to a large variety of Yoga styles as well as the international Yoga communities most prominent teaches including Gurumuhk, Sarah Powers, Max Strom, Seane Corn, Sadie Nardini and Rolf Gates.

Years before Shelly began the physical practice of Yoga she was engaged in the practice of Meditation and Reiki, so when she was introduced to the teachings of Micheal Stone and Sarah Powers it really struck a chord in her. Both of these teachers blend Yoga with Buddhist mindfulness philosophy. You will find this mindfulness approach layered into her classes. Shelly feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share her passion for Yoga with the students that she encounters. Shelly is focused on the full experience of Yoga and the transformative nature of this simple practice when all of the intricate layers are woven into the equation: physical, mental, emotional & energetic.

Christine - Instructor


Christine’s Yoga classes can be both serene and playful, as her passion for fitness and holistic wellness have brought her to a deep satisfaction with the combination of Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki and Meditation. You will blend movement with breath, often rediscovering openness in places you didn’t realize were closed. Expect to be welcomed warmly to class, and left with inspiring words to reflect on.

When not in the Yoga studio, Christine can be found on the trails hiking, often with her energetic dog Devon, or on the water kayaking. Christine also loves to travel the world, recently exploring India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

“Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out – chase that.” – Gemma Troy

Christine K.


Christine found the practice of yoga in 2013 and spent a few years doing yoga on and off. After debating on taking a Yoga teacher training for years,  she finally went ahead and booked herself on an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training course in early 2017. She took her teacher training with The Yoga People in London, England where she was living and working at the time. Taking this course was the best decision she’s ever made. It was the most challenging experience but she learned so much and it really fueled her interest in yoga and everything that it encompasses. Her passion is in helping her students find balance on and off their mat. She teaches in a light-hearted manner and loves playing with both yin and yang in her classes. Expect diverse classes with a focus on grounding and working with meditation. Her intention is to have her students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed.

Jill - Instructor


Yoga found me, 5 years ago, during a time in my life when I was unhealthy and in pain. I had been smoking for 14 years and stuck in a career that was hurting my body and left me with a bad shoulder injury. Desperate for a change, a friend suggested that I join her for a yoga class to help relieve my aches and pain. I fell in love instantly and left my first yoga class floating on air! As I continued to dive deeply into my practice, I was bothered by the fact that I could not do the breathing exercises properly due to coughing from smoking. So I decided that was it! I knew I loved yoga more than I loved smoking, and In few short weeks I managed to kick my nasty habit and pursue health and wellness through yoga. Soon after this major life change the little voice in my head kept telling me " you have to teach one day"! And in 2016 I attended the 200hr Karma Yoga Teacher training and took another 200hr training at Vayusha Yoga in 2018. My classes are challenging, fun, grounding and inspiring. My goal is to encourage faith and positive change in those ready to find it and embrace it :)

Shannon - Instructor


As a lover of nature, Shannon is often found hiking a mountain in the forest or on the water paddling. Her love of the outdoors comes from the feeling of connection she gets while immersed in the beauty of the natural world. Shannon has travelled to some amazing places on this planet, and loves to learn about people, culture and the environment.

When Shannon is not in the forest, you can find her on her yoga mat, teaching and practicing yoga. Her yoga journey began around 1998, when she attended her first yoga class. Shannon became a yoga teacher in 2007 and went on to become an Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher in 2011. She offers many options in her classes, teaching to all levels.

Shannon commits to a daily spiritual practice. She has spent the last 5 years diving deep into the world of the spirit and connects these elements into her yoga classes. She has a passion for this practice and a desire to spread the gift of yoga to others.

Zamir - Guest Instructor


Zamir completed his 500 hr Teacher Training with David Goulet in  Chakra Yoga, who learned the late Swami Gitananda, founder of the Ananda Ashram and proponent of Rishi culture ashtanga yoga. 

He is also an initiate of Ati-yoga under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin, founder of  HÜMÜH Clear-Mind Buddhism, with whom he has discipled for the last eight years in the practice and study of meditation and Buddhist logic.

He teaches workshops and classes in Vancouver and is on the faculty of Langara College as a lead instructor for their Yoga Teacher Trainings.

"My goal as a yoga teacher is to inspire others to embrace the depth of what yoga has to offer - integrating our potential in body, mind, emotions and spirit. " ~ Zamir